A better alternative to hiring a temp

It’s part of business. Projects overlap, delays happen, people need to take time off (maybe even you some day!), and unexpected things crop up. There is more work than usual to do but you can’t break your already stretched team by asking them to flex more.  This situation is temporary so there’s no point in recruiting someone permanent, but you want a better alternative to hiring a temp.  

If your clients suspect that you have over-committed, they will grow nervous that you can’t deliver what you promised, when you promised.  

Missing deadlines will not only cause you embarrassment but it will damage your clients’ trust in your competence.  It may even cause them to take their business elsewhere, which can have devastating effects on your reputation.

So what do you and your team do?  You stretch.  And stretch.  And then you stretch some more.

Overstretched team? Hire a Virtual Assistant

But stretching creates tension

Eventually, something will have to give.  When even the most stellar team is overstretched, things can go wrong. Mistakes start to happen, standards slip and before anyone has a chance to notice, the insidious signs of stress begin to manifest.  

What follows is an increase in sick days, and if the stretching is sustained, burnout.  The last thing you want is to make your team (or yourself) ill.  But unfortunately, things are not always that straightforward.

What can you do?

Timescales, budgets, space and the flow of work can mean recruiting another team member is not possible or practical.  Bringing in a temp can interrupt the office dynamic at critical times.

The work needs doing, but you and your team can’t stretch any more.  So what is the answer? You need find a Virtual Assistant.

This 3-minute video explains how that would work:

Why working with a VA beats hiring a temp

Temps can be great, and I am not for one moment saying that their work is in any way inferior to that of a VA.  I myself have worked as a temp in several positions in the past, one of which lasted for 13 months.  

But with a temp, you never really know how long that relationship will last for.  Many will be applying for permanent jobs alongside their temping. Others choose to temp because it enables a commitment-free lifestyle.

A Virtual Assistant, on the other hand, is a reliable option for several reasons.  For one thing, a VA will have a genuine interest in getting to know you and your business, and will have no plans to dessert you.  

As a remote worker, a VA will not disrupt a busy team by needing to ask lots of questions.  They will ensure they are properly briefed from the outset and get on with what needs doing.

But the true value of a VA is in the long-term relationship they build with you. After a short time of working together, you will know someone trusted to call upon whenever you need extra support.  For businesses whose work ebbs and flows, a relationship like that is priceless.

A VA helps your team to comfortably flex

Having a go-to person who knows you and your business well and can step in to support at your busiest times is akin to ‘elasticating’ your team.  

You can say “yes!” to more work when it comes your way and cope better when someone needs to be off work.  All you have to do is drop your VA a line and pick up where you left off.  

And when work steadies out again and the team is back on top of things, your VA will disappear until the next time you need their help.

Are you ready to find your own go-to VA?

Click here to get in touch and arrange a free call, and we’ll have a half-hour chat about your needs.  I’m very friendly and am ready and waiting to help you and your team.  We can discuss the support you need and the services I can offer.

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