Freelancers: When to hire a VA

When successful small businesses grow, there comes a point at which the load becomes too much for one person.  But for many of the 3.4 million sole traders in the UK, becoming an employer is too huge a leap.  What many self-employed people don’t know is that there is an easy alternative to employing someone.

Taking somebody on carries a responsibility and commitment that brings many freelancers out in hives.  And if that doesn’t bring on a cold sweat, all the red tape, costs and practicalities will.  So, what do they do?

They just keep struggling on.

Longer hours, more coffee and – day by day – a little less love for the business they started.

It is at this point in the life of a small business that its owner can benefit from working with a Virtual Assistant.

Caffeine only helps for so long...

I’m the first to admit that coffee is great for short-term bursts of energy and mental clarity. It’s certainly seen me through some times!  But if it’s what powers you through most days, it’s bad news for your health.

Easy alternative to employing someone

This fickle friend may help in the beginning, but caffeine in excess can have counterproductive effects like headaches, insomnia, digestive problems and heart palpitations.

If you have been working like a dog lately and artificially fuelling yourself with caffeine, it’s time to stop. Seriously. You don’t need to carry the load alone, and you don’t need to recruit an employee.

So, what is the easy alternative to employing someone? 

You can hire a Virtual Assistant.

So how exactly does it work?

This 3-minute video helps to explain how things work:

Starting is so straightforward

We begin with a 30-minute consultation call where we discuss your needs and goals.

We then agree the scope of work. You might already know what you’d like help with, or I can help you to work out what to delegate. Take a look at my services for a reminder of the kinds of things I can help with.

If the process is overwhelming, we can start off with the easiest things for you to delegate straight away. If you have trouble letting go, we can start small and increase the scope over time.

Together we will discuss the best type of plan for you. We will then both sign a contractor agreement and I can get started with supporting you.

No long-term commitments

Perhaps the most appealing thing of all for many sole traders is that working with a Virtual Assistant carries no long-term commitments.

This means that if your business continues to grow and you later decide to employ people, you have no obligation to continue working together.

Likewise, if your business is project-based or goes through peaks and troughs, we can work with together during the busy times only.

As an independent contractor a VA pays their own insurance, tax, NI, pensions and other business costs so there is no hidden admin involved.

Fancy a chat?

Click here to get in touch and I will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Please note that whilst I am doing client work I do not answer my phone (and I would work with the same disciplined focus for you too), which is why I arrange my calls by appointment.

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